We, as consumers, look for every opportunity to save money and get the most bang out of our buck. We research to find the companies with the best mortgage rates. We check out ads to get the best sale prices on our groceries. We research to find the best deals on a new car and we research to find the best car insurance rate for our driver and vehicle needs. We market compare and base our final decision on what will be best for us, personally, based off of the choice of value, personal need, and the financial cost to us. A good place to start in regard to comparison research is www.cheapcarinsurance.net, which is a one-stop research site for cheap car insurance that will give you comparable quotes. While researching, we have to take into consideration, factors, in regard to the need. In this case, we are researching car insurance companies and the maximum number of drivers you can have on a car insurance policy.

There is no set standard per, www.zebra.com , that has been set by most of the car insurance companies and most will allow up to four (4) drivers and four (4) vehicles on a single policy. Take into consideration; each company is different. There are certain standards that have been set, cross the board, that all insurance companies have to adhere to. The maximum number of drivers on a single policy is not one of them. You still need to do your research to find out what each individual company allows in regard to the maximum number of drivers per policy.


As I stated previously, “Each insurance company is different.” You will need to contact the individual companies to find out the maximum number of drivers that they allow on a single policy. Before contacting the insurance company has all of the questions that you have for them ready. Prepare yourself ahead of time, write the questions down that you have for them, and that you are basing your comparison on. From the company comparison, you will be able to base your decision off of fact, which company best answers your questions, and meets your personal need as a customer.


When you call the companies that you have chosen to base your research and comparison off of; you will need to speak with an insurance agent. An agent is the company’s representative that will be able to answer your questions in regard to a policy and the number of drivers that are allowed. There are many factors that weigh in on drivers and those that are allowed and are not allowed on a single policy. Please find a sample of questions that you may want to ask while speaking to an agent.

  • Can you insure multiple drivers on a single policy?
  • Can multiple drivers share car insurance?
  • Can I add my friend to my car insurance policy?
  • How does one driver’s ticket affect the policy as a whole?

Let me emphasize again, the importance of doing your research and preparing yourself with the questions you have for the company, before speaking with an agent.


After contacting the insurance company and speaking with an agent; you will have the questions in regard to the maximum number of drivers that can be on a policy and who those individuals are allowed to be: answered. By you taking the time to do the research, preparing your questions, contacting the company, and speaking to an agent you will have the facts that you need to make the best choice for you personally, policy needs wise, value wise, and financially what will be affordable for you.

Doing car insurance research can be time-consuming. There are a lot of insurance companies out there to choose from. Sometimes that alone can be intimidating and confusing. Using a site that does the comparison part for you, such as www.cheapcarinsurance.net, is convenient and time saving in regard to comparing insurance companies. Not only do they provide insight to cheap car insurance and the best policy rates; they also provide you with the information needed to contact a company and agent for your research and comparison.