If you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets and ready to assemble units, RTA kitchen cabinets are an excellent option. RTA stands for Ready To Assemble. These units are pre-assembled and do not require you to have general knowledge of how to do cabinets. Instead, they are shipped directly to your house with all the hardware and installation details already provided.

The necessity of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA kitchen cabinets have the most variety of pre-assembled RTA kitchen cabinets and matching new kitchen cabinets on the market. Feel free to browse the many types of woods, colors, and finishes. Ready to assemble cabinets are available for local delivery either as a fully built RTA knock-down pack or as an RTA half assemble kit.

If you look at RTA kitchen cabinets as the only solution to your new kitchen remodel, you may be disappointed. While RTA cabinets are inexpensive compared to new cabinets, you may not be satisfied with the build quality or the finish. The price savings does not mean you are getting quality construction. It may be that you need to replace your RTA kitchen remodel with new cabinets. If so, you will still save money by building your new kitchen rather than going with the more expensive option.

Completely assembled RTA kitchen cabinets require building from scratch. This means you will need to know what kind of cabinet door you want, whether it is a hinged one or an up and over design, plus you will have to do some basic woodworking. The benefit to this is that you can spend more time working on the project rather than shopping for ready to assemble cabinets. There is some assembly required, but it is simply a matter of fitting all parts together. If you are handy with tools and have done other woodworking projects in the past, you may be able to complete the assembly without assistance.


Another thing to consider is where to buy your RTA kitchen cabinets online. Most people find it difficult to locate high-quality high-quality RTA cabinets online. The best place to purchase your RTA cabinets is from a dealer you trust, like Best Buy or Home Depot. They will provide superior customer service, and you will be assured that you are getting the highest quality product available. The price you pay for your RTA kitchen cabinets will be more than justified by the high quality and low price you get. Your family will enjoy the benefit of having high-quality wood cabinets for many years to come, and your kitchen will look excellent and stylish with RTA cabinets.