With technological advancements, it is now possible to improve the physical appearance of low-quality diamonds into high grade diamonds. This process is made possible by using fracture filling or laser drilling. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds can no longer be termed as natural diamonds since they have been modified to form a new set of products.

Both treatments used in coming up with this type of diamonds are irreversible as long as changes like mounting and resizing are not done. Although it is a new innovation, Clarity Enhanced Diamonds can be affected by acid and high heat levels unlike natural diamonds which do not break or crack when subjected to these conditions.

Diamond lovers can easily purchase Clarity Enhanced Diamonds from jewelry stores since they are sold at a throw away price compared to natural diamonds. It takes close examination to detect whether a diamond has been laser drilled or fracture filled and a person who has no idea about diamonds will be given a Clarity Enhanced Diamond instead of a real diamond.

Actually, you should know what goes into the best diamond cuts before finally making this all-important purchase decision. What makes this type of diamond suitable for long term investments is the fact that its price will always remain unchanged regardless of the place you wish to buy it from.

The greatest advantage of clarity enhances diamonds is the pricing. A diamond stone which has been treated will cost 30-50% cheaper than a natural diamond. In fact, the essence of using clarity enhancing methods is to improve the appearance of the stone. No wonder these types of stones are appealing to the eye.

Unfortunately, this type of stone has some pros like any other shiny mineral or piece of jewelry. For instance, holes created in the diamond can affect its durability. If this is not enough, fracture filling is not permanent and the cleavage can be seen at some point in life. It is in the best interest to do your homework on diamond cuts to avoid making a costly mistake in the long run.