Before you reach for those pain killers, consider some natural fixes for those pains that you have. Nothing is wrong with reaching for a natural vitamin or supplement like Heal-N-Soothe to help alleviate pains. If you work a manual labor job or are required to do a lot of walking during your days, it’s not seldom that you encounter body aches and pains. There are so many unique ways to counteract the muscle soreness and whatever other pains you may be experiencing. The following three remedies can help you to undo the physical tensions of the day whether you experience these symptoms after work, going to the gym, or as a byproduct of mental stress. Yes, mental stress can fatigue the physical body if it becomes an overwhelming amount.

Holistic Baths with Epsom Salt

A nice warm bath alone is a very relaxing remedy after a long day to reset the body. To maximize the healing effects of a bath, you can add different herbs and oils into the mixture. Firstly, Epsom salt alleviates achy muscles and minimizes swelling as well as stiffness in the body. To avoid stripping the body of oils, you can add some coconut oil into the bath to moisturize the skin. The main ingredient aside from the Epsom salt that will be used in this bath concoction is eucalyptus essential oil as it has analgesic which relieves pain and is an anti-inflammatory. A few drops of lavender essential oil is optional if you want to deepen the relaxing effects and get a good night’s sleep after your bath.

Seaweed Body Wraps

Just as you would probably apply a heating pad or an ice pack to a sore muscle, there are full body wraps where your whole body can experience pain relief. The herbal wraps are very common in most spas where you can get a mud mask on your entire body or a seaweed wrap. Not only do these wraps improve one’s skin, but they also detox the body of impurities, joint pains, muscle soreness, and more. Excess water weight can also be expelled through sweating. The seaweed contains amino acids and vitamins beneficial for skin care. There are different kinds of seaweed such as kept( brown algae) and Irish moss red algae. There are numerous ways to do a seaweed body wrap. The simplest way is to use dried powdered seaweed and add a small amount of warm water to create a paste. You can add essential oils to the mixture if you would like. Instead of the warm water, you can use a herbal tea of your choice to make the paste. Before applying the paste, make sure you exfoliate the body. Apply the paste and cover your body with plastic wrap. You want to leave the mixture on for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse it off with a warm shower.

Mindfulness Meditation

Although stress doesn’t originally register as a physical ailment, mental health does correlate to your body’s physical functioning. Stress shows up physiologically through symptoms of low energy, insomnia, frequent infections, chest pain, headaches, constipation, etc. Stress produces the chemical cortisol which, if in a large amount, can result in acne, weight gain, slowed healing, and muscle weakness. Many people who experience a lot of stress feel it in their muscles as they are tense all over a good majority of the time. Fortunately, stress can be tackled through gaining control of your mental faculties through a process called mindfulness meditation. There is research that suggests that we can alleviate pain by how we pay attention to it. Mindfulness meditation essentially trains you to have more control over your conscious thinking and silence the mental talk of your mind. You want to focus on your breathing as you breathe slow and deeply. As you count the breaths, you will notice ideas start trying to infiltrate your mind. You don’t have to ignore them. However, you must observe them objectively and not internalize or engage/interact with them. This is the same with pain. You may feel in pain, but mindfulness meditation can be implemented to allow you to be more aware of the sensation of pain rather than interacting with it (resisting it or judging it). In time, as you progress through this exercise, the perception and sensation of pain will minimize.

It’s no fun to experience on-going pain. It can feel very debilitating as you try to do your normal everyday tasks. However, the listed remedies should help you to regain control over how you’d like your body to respond in its healing.