The vast majority of organizations want to move to the cloud to drive innovations and increase the speed at which they can adapt to ever-changing customer desires. This explains why they are ultimately successful in adopting cloud technologies. Going with the increased focus on innovating at higher velocities, the rest of the organizations needs to drastically change how they do things to keep pace.

If your organization is adopting cloud technologies, then it requires full visibility into the cloud platforms and services that it leverages. Cloud visibility entails access to all available telemetry data. That being said, below are some of the remarkable ways cloud visibility and security boost innovation.

Embracing Flexibility

Many know the cloud as the best way to give organizations more flexibility to adapt to market changes faster. They offer the ability to apply the needed changes to services in the fly without requiring downtime for the change to take effect. But this same benefit can be a huge setback if someone applies a change to the wrong place or with the wrong criteria. Furthermore, it has the potential to expose the organization to risk in real time.

Regulatory Compliance

Regardless of the industry you operate in, there seems to be a constant flow of regulations you must adhere to. If you fail to fully comply with them, be rest assured to can result in fines and lost customer trust. Keep in mind some regulations and other government guidelines require organizations to take specific steps for separation of duties between certain groups of employees in addition to requiring you to follow best practices.

As part of your organizational setup, always ensure you have well-defined roles that strictly follow these rules. Keep tracking of these roles to ensure they adhere to the proper policies not only reduce compliance risks, but will also help detect potential attacks in progress.

This is the case if someone in the quality testing group is suddenly given access to production databases. That way, you won’t worry about your business ending up in the wrong side of the law.