So, you’ve finally taken the bold decision to become a Qoo10 Seller. Congratulations! Qoo10 happens to be one of the most popular Asian eCommerce platforms operating in 7 local marketplaces. This spans across five countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

But in order to achieve business success, you ought to understand what it takes to overcome the competition at Qoo10. After all, every seller on the platform is looking forward to emerging successful. That said, today will take you through some of the things you probably didn’t know about Qoo10.

A Host of Perks to Sellers

Qoo10 boasts a wide range of perks that help expose your products to its intended market. In a nutshell, no product posting fee is needed while selling on Qoo10. This comes as good news to many sellers considering they are destined to save a lot of bucks. If this is not enough, you can also take advantage of the Qoo10 Q-cash.

For those who might have no idea about what we are talking about, this is the currency on Qoo10 platform. You can use this virtual currency to purchase advertising opportunities on the website. In short, you need to use Q-cash when promoting your items on the platform.

Easy Registration Process

If you want to sell on Qoo10, you will first have to complete the registration process. Well, this should never eat into your precious time considering you get done with everything online from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is provide some basic information, confirm your account via email, and fill the seller registration form. You can then leverage the automated product upload feature to get going.

With the ever-increasing competition on the platform, you need to adopt an effective marketing strategy. Skimp on this and you may struggle to get the word out to potential customers. That’s a situation you never want to put yourself in at any given time.

The Bottom Line

Selling on Qoo10 is a walk in the park as long as you know how to go about it. You don’t have to push yourself to the limit before you finally become a renowned seller on this eCommerce platform. Of course, you will first have to start from scratch before building your name as a seller. You can learn more about selling on Qoo10 here!