It doesn’t matter if you live on your own, or if you live by yourself, your place needs to be clean! What if guests come in and notice all the dirty dishes in the sink? Or the dirty carpet? Your guests will frown upon you and think that you don’t want to do the work to keep your place clean and neat.

Idaho Steam Cleaning is a service that can clean not only clean your carpet and windows, but they also supply hospitality services. They do business with different hospitality industries and have done business with several brands in Idaho, Utah, and Californa. They have multiple testimonies on their website because they’re so good at what they do. One of the testimonies says “these guys came and cleaned our carpets. They did a GREAT job! A day or two after, I vacuumed the carpet, and it fluffed up better than it did in a long time! Awesome work, and very good and friendly people…”

For hospitality cleaning services, they offer three things. Hotel carpet cleaning, Hotel window washing, and pressure washing. For Hotel carpet cleaning, they will not only clean the carpet, but they say that you’ll save money as well. They go into your hotel with services that are second to none. They clean your carpet, making sure that you will pass the high-standard tests of Marriott and Hilton brand hotels. They also use both a Rotovac 360i, and a carpet wand to keep your carpets looking their bests. All for a reasonable price.

For their amazing, money-saving window washing, there is no need for a latter or a lift. They utilize a water-fed poll and 100% pure water to guarantee that they dry spot free, and are crystal clear. All while keeping their feet placed securely to the ground, and keeping your customer’s privacy to themselves. They specialize in not only hotel washing, but they also specialize in cleaning windows at hospitals, apartment complexes, and large office buildings. All while keeping money in your pocket,

You want to make sure that you will be presented to your customers well. You want their business. That’s why they offer pressure washing for your hotel. A clean, well-maintained exterior will make sure that not only you look your best, but drive in a lot of business. It will make sure that every aspect of their stay has been thought of beforehand. It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as cleaning off spider webs, or as hard as performing a deep clean, with their pressure washing service, they will do the work to make sure that you have a great first impression of your property.

With Idaho Steam Cleaning’s Hospitality Cleaning Service, you will not only make sure that your building is clean and presentable, but you will also save money along the way. You can call them at 208-881-4403, or visit their website at for a quote.