Shopping for a car and car insurance has to go hand-in-hand. Mandated by the law, carrying car insurance is a must to drive your car on most roads. But shopping for auto insurance can sometimes be as complicated as selecting a car. It requires a fair amount of research for things to work your way.

When handling auto insurance quotes comparison, it is important to understand the terms and conditions well. It doesn’t end at that since you should also look into the factors that determine the premium and cover of your car.

Understanding the difference between fact and fiction is vital since any false information can result in you taking the wrong decision. This might also be cumbersome at the time of making car insurance claims.

That being said, below are some of the most common car insurance myths you should know about;

Myth: The Car Color Decides Your Insurance Cost

Never should you allow premiums to stop you from buying your favorite color car. A famous myth doing the rounds is that if you buy a car of a given color, for instance, blue, your car insurance premium might be higher as compared to others! Insurance companies are not partial when it comes to the car’s color.

But they are far more interested in your car’s model and make, engine’s cubic capacity and the car’s body type while determining the premium of your car insurance. In short, car color and insurance premiums have no connection with each other.

Myth: Your Premiums Will Go Up If You Get Into An Accident

The very moment you make a claim on your auto insurance policy following an accident, the NO Claim Bonus (NCB) is lot. For this reason, the premium increases, something which is reflected at the time of renewal of the auto insurance policy. Never should you think that your premiums will go up if you get involved in an accident. That happens because NCB is lost.

Bear in mind many of these myths have no plausible basis for them. For this reason, you should understand all that a car insurance policy offers, and what it doesn’t before deciding on anything.