Marko Stout is a renowned visual artist who is based in New York City. He has been able to amass a huge following from all around the world thanks to his unique artistic pieces that resemble the works of Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Peter Blake only to mention but a few. All of Marko Stout’s artistic pieces portray the things that people go through as they try to survive in this world.

Marko Stout is not like most celebrity artists who like keeping a low profile. Instead he is one of the few remaining true rebels and a master in the NYC art world. Marko’s character has made him who he is today since he is always ready to speak his mind on unique approach to artistic pieces. It is therefore not that hard to recognise Marko from a crowd because he likes wearing black clothes, vintage-style sunglasses and irreplaceable hats which give him a unique appearance.

Despite putting more focus on pop art, Stout seems to follow in the footsteps of early influential artists who had a huge command over the industry. On the other hand, he handles every step keenly making sure that the final product is extremely easy to relate. This is the main reason as to why he has been able to conquer the industry with many people receiving his work quite well.

Marko seems to be getting better at his work with every passing year. This is because his work is sought after by dealers, celebrities and galleries from all over the world. The fans seem to be in love with his art considering the huge number of people that turn up during his solo exhibitions. In one exhibition held in New York City, Marko Stout was able to attract big celebrities from different industries.

One of the main reasons as to why Stout commands a huge following is the fact that he is focused on reinventing urban art. To be specific, he has been stunning New York City with his state of the art urban metal pieces. Through his artwork, Marko is able to sell New York City to the outside world while at the same time connecting with all of his followers. In fact his art pieces have increased in popularity thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians.  Most celebrities end up purchasing his work or sharing them on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Marko Stout runs his own website, that he relies upon to connect with fans from different countries of the world. A visit to this website will show you how popular he is among different celebrities who are in love with what he has to offer. The site also contains videos, photos, articles and lots of important information regarding his work and early life. Alternatively, you can decide to follow him on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. It is through these sites that you will learn more about Marko Stout and all of his artistic pieces.



Marko Stout