When you request for a life insurance quote, an insurer will typically ask for fairly basic information you probably already have on hand. That’s why you need to have this information at the ready to stand a better chance of getting the most accurate insurance quotes. Keep in mind an agent may ask fairly personal questions before providing you with a life insurance quote.

For this reason, you should plan to talk privately to ensure you get precisely what you need without the hassle. Along with basic identifying information, the prospective insurance agent may ask about:

Health History

Before you’re issued with a life insurance quote, your agent will most likely want to know if you have any chronic conditions. Have you had major surgeries or accidents in the past five to ten years. The insurance company’s underwriting department may also ask you to authorize a release of your medical records. It is then that they will issue you with the most accurate life insurance quote.

Insurance Goals

Your insurance agent will also inquire about the purpose of the life insurance policy you plan on taking.  Would it be used to pay off your mortgage in the event that you pass away? Maybe you want it to replace your income until your spouse can collect Social Security? Do you see it as the most viable way to pay for a child’s college education?

You’ll want to consider what you want the life insurance coverage to be used for when determining the type and the amount of coverage that’s right for you. It is then that you won’t worry about being underinsured or over insured.

Income and Assets

This financial information is used together with your insurance goals to help you determine your ideal amount of coverage and length of the policy’s term. For those requesting insurance quotes from multiple insurers, it’s important to provide the same information to each one so you can make accurate comparisons.

Keep in mind a little preparation beforehand can help you have easy access to the information you’ll need to obtain an insurance quote.