Keeping pace with the current changes in the tech industry especially in healthcare IT sector is not that easy as most people might think. This is due to the fact that there is always a new trend which will come up and since you have less free time, it becomes quite hard to learn more.  In this situation, you will need to start relying on podcasts for aural learning while still performing other tasks.

If you have never come across podcast, then it is important that you first examine what it entails by visiting web applications like WIRED.  Here, you can get to know more about podcasts since they have excellent guides for beginners. There are quite a number of podcasts to choose from and hence you will never run out of options. Below are some of the most common health tech podcasts that you should be listening to:

•          MedTech Talk Podcast

This health tech podcast mainly showcases healthcare start-ups and their venture capital partners. By using this type of podcast, you will learn more about entrepreneurs who have an interest in the ins and outs of financing a new health IT venture.

•          Accidental Tech Podcasts

This type of podcast is common among developers as it has valuable information concerning coding and tech life. Accidental Tech Podcast is good to a person who enjoys the latest industry reviews, product reviews and discussion on programming languages.

•          Healthcare Info Security Podcast

A must listen for people who are  Cyber Security Executives as it contains beneficial information concerning Security Media Groups interviews with healthcare CISOs.

These are just but some of the podcasts that you can listen to since there are quite a number including CIO podcast, Medical podcasts and Health Tech Podcasts. So set aside some time and learn new things without necessarily having to move from your current location.