SEO means search engine optimization. It is a process that consists of placing your web page in the first results of organic searches. To do this, SEO applies a series of techniques (On Page and Off Page) that help improve the visibility of a Web in search engines, with Google being one of the main ones. Likewise, it performs strategic actions that are oriented to user queries through keywords. After knowing all about SEO, now you will be wondering the following: How much does it cost to do web positioning?

In principle, SEO is not a cost, but rather an Investment! From SMEs to large companies, they can invest in SEO without any problem, since the strategy adapts to the needs of each business. The SEO rates vary depending on the objectives of each company, type of business, the industry, skills, among others. It is not the same to do a keyword study for a custom cake shop versus an ecommerce that includes online payment and delivery service. Therefore, it is vital that the SEO professional converse with you to know the most important details.

This way, it will give you a more grounded SEO budget and determine which strategy is the most convenient for your case. So, most services give you a monthly SEO price with a 6 month contract in most cases. Initially we talked about Google’s algorithms and consumer behavior, which vary as technology advances and other factors that can influence searches. Therefore, SEO is a meticulous work and constant monitoring, which begins to give results progressively from the couple of months approximately. But remember that it will depend a lot on the previous analysis and the objectives of your company.

If you want to be above your competition the best investment is SEO and Content Marketing. Currently, technology and the Internet is already part of our daily lives, where consumers are more selective and research online before purchasing any service or product. Therefore, SEO becomes a lucrative opportunity for companies, as it helps them attract prospects and drive conversions. However, to make a good SEO Web Positioning we recommend you respect the guidelines of the search engines, create a strategy focused on your objectives and work hand in hand with Content Marketing.

Remember, SEO helps you achieve your financial goals and growth goals effectively. You can pick the right SEO services that will surely give you the various options from which your website may appear at the top of the search engines. Once you will find out the experienced SEO services like 1on1, you can hire them for your website exposure in the search results. The SEO professionals will first guide you about the SEO strategy they will opt for your site and provide you the work accordingly. Thus, search out the most reliable and professional SEO experts like 1on1 and you will see the magic in your site rankings.